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Roberto Andrade. Chile, 15.07.2017 00:00:00

Una Gran Experiencia!

Cuando uno toma habitualmente un tour, espera sólamente un recorrido por los lugares turísticos. Lo que hace la gente de Sputnik, es acompañarte a revivir la experiencia de una de las batallas más terribles en la historia de la humanidad, donde se definió el curso de la guerra mundial. La gente de Sputnik no sólo tiene buen trato y gran conocimiento del tema, sino que además tienen un gran sentido del respeto por los acontecimientos vividos en Stalingrado. La gente de Sputnik además, en todo momento está atenta a tus requerimientos y son bastante certeros para responder casi cualquier pregunta.

Visited June 2017

Agostino Carli. Bolzano-Italia, 09.08.2017 00:00:00

Esperienza memorabile

Il tour è organizzato in modo molto professionale. Michail (la nostra guida) è venuta a prenderci puntualmente in albergo e ha rispettato perfettamente il programma concordato; avendo effettuato il tour di tre giorni, posso garantire di essere completamente soddisfatto;consiglio di effettuare il tour di tre giorni , per avere davvero un ricordo indelebile dei luoghi della tragica battaglia , e una visione completa degli avvenimenti. Anche mia moglie è rimasta molto contenta. Non è pensabile vedere tutte le cose che abbiamo visto da soli , e nemmeno sarebbe possibile apprezzare tutti i dettagli storici senza l'ausilio di una guida come è stato per noi Michail . Fa il suo lavoro con molta passione e dedizione,raccontando episodi frutto della sua continua ricerca storica. Parla inoltre un perfetto inglese. Se visitate Stalingrado (Volgograd) e siete interessati alla storia, rivolgetevi senz'altro a lui.

We booked a three-day tour and were fully satisfied. Michail provided to be a professional and passionate guide. We visited all the places connected with the tragic battle and saw not only monuments. Michail speaks very good English and adds a lot of details to the explanations. So that you truly enjoy this tour. Absolutely recommended!

Visited July 2017

Ken Davis, England, 04.09.2017 00:00:00

Excellent Guidance

My partner wanted to visit Russia for a significant birthday, and as I had luckily been several times previously, I agreed - providing that we visited Volgograd. So, I was a little apprehensive...would my extra ruin her birthday? Phew, I need not have worried. Mikhail (who was booked for us by Tsar Voyages in Moscow) proved to be an excellent guide to his home city, giving us just the right amount of detail on WW2 - the war memorial is incredible - as well as more general tourist guidance, including a trip on the Volga (the crayfish were delicious), and recommendations for dinner.

So, if you are thinking of visiting Volgograd, perhaps for the FIFA World Cup in 2018, then I would suggest you make contact with these guys early, to enhance your trip.

Visited July 2017

Paul Kiernan, London-England, 18.09.2017 00:00:00

Another Great Tour of Volgograd

Our second Stalingrad Tour (me and two adult sons). Last year we did a two day tour of the battlefield inside the City (excellent). This year we did three days with the search teams yearly excavations and a one day trip to several sites outside the City.

The Excavation teams are non-profit organisations that work to find missing Russian soldiers still buried out on the Steppe and to give them proper re-burials. It was an amazing experience - interesting and moving. The base is a campsite where we were made to feel very welcome by the "proper" search team who shared everything and with who we spent a couple of good nights socialising! The excavations were fascinating, and the blessing by an Orthodox priest at the close on the last day was very special. Highly recommended. Mikhail stayed on site and out in the field with us and provided great information and translation as always. Made some great friends and thoroughly enjoyed it!

The tour outside Stalingrad/Volgograd was tailored to our needs, and included a trip to Pyatimorsk-Sovietsky (near Kalach) to see the monuments to the encirclement of the 6th Army, to Kalach itself, to Paulus' HQ (before he moved in to the city) across the Don at Golubinka, and to a very old cathedral close by (which can be seen in some of the old photos of Paulus at this location. We finished off back in the city with a one hour cruise on the Volga, where we got a great view of the old Mill, the landing stage, Kruschev's boat and Mamayev Kurgan - a great way to finish of the day. It really was a good day and gave a good perspective as to the scale of the cauldron. Again I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Mikhail is a great guide and if you visit Stalingrad/Volgograd and are looking to learn a little more and see some out-of-the-way sites then he provides a great service.

Visited August 2017