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Paul Kiernan, London-England, 06.02.2018 00:00:00

Third tour - all Excellent

My third tour with Mikhail - and each time I've seen something different and had a great experience. Mikhail is a great bloke and a terrific guide - if the advertised tours are not quite right for you he is very flexible and will put together a tour to your exact needs.

If you are going to visit Stalingrad (Volgograd) your will have a much better experience with an expert guide like Mikhail. This year I saw the Grain Elevator, the 75th Anniversary parade, more of the Red October, Barrikady and Factory districts, Beketovka and a trip to the (frozen) Volga-Don canal where it meets the Volga.

Great tour with a great guide - met some friends from an earlier tour for a beer and a meal with Mikhail on the last night - really enjoyable trip.

Visited February 2018

Kin Yeung Lee Gary, Hong Kong-China, 21.02.2018 00:00:00


当我读到斯大林格勒战役中一段:四十多名红军于谷仓(Stalingrad Grain Elevator),在弹尽粮绝下英勇抵抗德军步兵和坦克十次突击,我立刻很想进入这座建筑一探究竟。Stalingrad Tour 正好提供这个难得的机会! 我以电邮联系了Stalingrad Tour, 负责人Mikhail很详细回答我的疑问。然后到了Volgograd后,Mikhail 来到我的入住旅店接待我。Mikhail 十分熟识战役历史,驾车去谷仓的沿途他为我详细介绍城内各处的战争事迹,到了谷仓后为我展示弹孔,扭曲的铁栏等各处战斗痕迹。我们走过了谷仓的地道(这条用于运送谷物的地道最长可达到河边),谷仓地下,四楼和天台。各处可见残酷战斗留下的疤痕!Mikhail 的英语讲解流畅生动,是我见过的俄罗斯人中英文较好的! 参观后他还送了我一枚战役纪念币,然后送我去Fallen Fighters广场参观! 总体来说Stalingrad Tour 提供的服务十分周到,导游的知识丰富,是二战历史爱好者的不二之选。

Visited February 2018