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Clyde Kitt Rodkey, USA-Washington DC, District of Columbia, 08.07.2018 00:00:00

"Not a step back"- Sputnik delivered on The Battle for Stalingrad Tour

My wife and I had an absolutely phenomenal and very positive experience with Sputnik in Volgograd. In fact, I am glad Michael's company exists to provide such customized, insightful and enthusiastic service for one of the greatest battles of World War II.

We visited just prior to the start of the World Cup venue series in Volgograd. We've taken other personal tours before, and so can compare. Beforehand, Michael proposed a detailed program to help ensure we got what we were looking for.

Half way through our tour, Michael introduced himself. It was evident that he monitors client satisfaction before, during and after tours. He gave us a "Stalingrad" hat, which later highlighted a "What do you think of Volgograd?" interview by Russian television reporters (and sent to us after we returned to the US by Michael).

We visited battle sites within Volgograd as well as more remote ones to reflect most phases of the battle. It is important to work on details long in advance, to reflect your interests and knowledge base. In our case, I had done years of research beforehand and Sputnik brought this to life.

Our three days were organized and paced well. Our guide and driver easily adapted to our personalities and interests. Value-added: we visited a stable to explore riding options (and see an Akhal-Teke horse, a beautiful rare breed) something that wouldn't have happened without Sputnik.

Overall, we highly recommend working with Michael to maximize your Hero City experience.

Visited June 2018