Crimea and Sevastopol Battlefield Tour

Three-day Crimea and Sevastopol Battlefield Tour

The tour includes the main events of the Crimean war, WW2, Cold War and Modern History
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Bus tour
Walking tour
Private tour
Duration Three-day full time tour
Dates Available all year round


We are pleased to offer full explaratory three-day tour of Crimea starting in Sevastopol with visit to the most significant historical sights around Sevastopol, Southern Coast, Balaklava, Bakhisaray etc.



1st day


09.00 Meeting with guide in the lobby of hotel.

09.00-10.00 Drive to Bahkchisaray (40 km).

10.00-10.20 Stop at the place where during WWII the biggest in the world German gun Dora was located and from where it was shelling Sevastopol direction.
10.30-11.15 Visit to Khan's Palace in Bahkchisaray - the former residence of the most of Crimean Tatar khans during 15-18th centuries.
11.30-12.00 Visit to Orthodox Assumption cave monastery where during Crimean War and WWII Russian hospital was located. Visit of Soviet cemetery of WWII period.
Crimean Tatar lunch is highly recommended here. It will take about 45 min - 1 hour. 
13.00-13.30 Drive to the Coastal Battery # 30 known in Germany as Fort Maxim Gorky I on the Northern Side of Sevastopol. Here one can just have a look at 2 huge 2-turrets cannons from outside. They are very well seen without entering the territory of the battery. Visit is impossible because the object is still in use.

Stop between 13.30 - 14.00 Continue moving to Mekkenzy Hills.

14.00-14.40 Drive and Stop near mass grave of Soviet soldiers who perished while defending Sevastopol on 29th June 1942. They tried to stop Germans appoaching to Coastal Battery # 30. 
14.40-14.55 Drive to the pier on the Northern Side (20 km).
17.00-17.45 - Visit of the panorama "Defence of Sevastopol, 1854-1855".
Transfer to hotel. 
18.00 Free time.



2nd day


09.00 Meeting with guide at the hotel.
Drive to cape Chersonesus.
10.00-11.45 Visit to the museum of the coastal battery # 35 on cape Chersonesus. Fort Maxim Gorky II - the place of the final battles during 1-3 July 1942.
11.45-12.15 Drive around the area of Cape Chersonesus. The airfield from which the last Soviet airplanes took off on 1st of July1942 is seen well.
12.15-12.45 Drive to Sapun-Hill.
12.45-13.30 Visit to diorama "Assault of Sapun-Hill, 7th May 1944". From here Soviet army startetd to liberate Sevastopol. This memorial complex includes the exhibition of Soviet weapons of WWII period, few German trophy guns, reconstructed system of trenches and other fortifications. 
From the view-point on the top of the hill the whole view of Balaklava valley opens and seen very well.
13.30-14.00 Another guide's story here can be about the Battle of Balaklava (October, 1854).
14.00-14.15 Drive to Balaklava town. 
14.15-15.15 Free time for lunch.
15.30-16.50 Visit to the museum in a former submarine pen. Its construction was finished in 1961 during Cold War and big underground naval complex was used until 1995.  
17.00-17.30 It's possible to see the remains of rather small coast battery # 19 that took part in WWII and was in use until the end of 1980es.
17.30-18.00 Drive back to Sevastopol.


3rd day


08.30 Meeting with guide at the hotel. 
Full-day tour along the Southern Coast of the Crimea about 90 km one way with visits to following sights and places:

Drive along the Southern Coast
No timing that day but the trip will last till 19.00 approximately. 

Resurrection church in Foros
Vorontsov Palace and park in Alupka
Livadia Palace (place of Yalta Conference in February, 1945 and the favourite summer residence of the last Russian tzar Nicholas II)
Swallow's Nest castle from the view point. Time for lunch here. 
German military cemetery in Goncharnoye Village
19.00 Drive back to Sevastopol.


The price includes:

  • transportation services (comfortable car with air-conditioner);
  • skilled tour guide-interpreter (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian speaking);
  • all entrance tickets, taxes and fees.


We also provide:

  • Russian visa support (for free if the tour already ordered);
  • Hotel reservations;
  • Transportation services (airport-hotel-airport, railway station-hotel, or delivery from or to nearby towns etc).


3 steps to order one of our battlefield tours:

  • Email your request for a tour;
  • Specify the terms and the tour you would like to;
  • Get the invitation and a hotel voucher from us to apply for Russian visa in the nearest consulate of Russia.


Going to visit Crimea/Sevastopol this year?

Our guides will take care you won't be lost. We provide constant support from meeting in Simferopol airport, transportation, accommodation at the hotel, accompanied during the tour program, including the purchase of tickets to museums, etc., catering and other assistance during your stay in Sevastopol. We will advise you the best restaurants, stores, night clubs as well as accompany you there. We'll take care of everything for what you could worry about.