Tour to Kalach-on-Don - the city of military Glory

Tour to Kalach-on-Don - the city of military Glory

Request from 295 USD/1-3 pax
Private tour
Duration 6-7 hour


Kalach-on-Don is a city in 80 km from Volgograd, where greatest encirclement of the German troops was completed on 23rd November 1942.

The tour includes visiting of the following sights:

  • The bridge over the Don River, the latter being an outer defensive perimeter 
  • Common grave of the Soviet soldiers where burried more than 1000 soldiers which died during the defence and liberating Kalach
  • T-70 tank memorial in Kalach-on-Don
  • «Meeting of two fronts» memorial where was completed the encirclement of the German army on 23rd of November 1942 under Stalingrad

Additional sights to visit (extra payment):

  • Golubinskaya stanitsa (the HQ of the 6th German army before encirclement, an old church of Saint Nicolas);
  • Josef Stalin tank memorial and soviet mass grave on the Don steppe.

The price includes:

  • transportation services;
  • skilled guide-interpreter.