Tour to Cossack town stanitsa Golubinskiy and HQs house of German 6th Army

Tour to Cossack village stanitsa Golubinskaya with visit to the HQs of commander of German 6th Army in Stalingrad Friedrich Ernst Paulus.
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Tour to Cossack town stanitsa Golubinskiy and HQs of commander of German 6th Army in Stalingrad.

During this historical tour you will enjoy the country side of Don river and steppe.  You will learn the history of Don Cossacks and will visit one of the richest Cossack villages stanitsa Golubinskaya which was founded at the beginning of the XVII century and was then called "Cossack town of Blue (Goluboy)" (as stated in the materials of the Novocherkassk Museum of Don Cossacks History).

Golubinskaya village is located on the right bank of the Don, about 40 kilometers from Kalach-on-Don. In 2007, 2 June it celebrated its 400th anniversary.

Since it was founded, the village Golubinskaya played a significant role in the development of the Don region. Golubinskaya Cossacks took part in the wars waged by the Russian empire - as in all Russian-Turkish wars, and in the Patriotic War of 1812 against invaded French army of Napoleon. Famous native village Ignatiy F. Nekrasov (1660-1730) was an associate of Bulavin - the leader of the uprising 1707-1709. Famous Cossacks of the village were also the heroes of Russian-Japanese War.

Stanitsa Golubinskiy town was renamed in the late XIX century. By the beginning of XX century in the village lived more than 15 000 inhabitants. Until 1935 the village was composed of 29 farms, including few on the left bank of the Don. Each autumn in the village held annual Fair of St. Nicholas, from all over Russia traders come here to buy beef cattle merchants, which was raised around the town.

During the Battle of Stalingrad in the village Golubinskiy took place heavy fightings. During the summer offensive of 1942, when Hitler's troops crossed the Don, in the village Golubinskaya, in the house of Voronin family, accommodated headquarters of the commander of the 6th Field Army Friedrich Paulus. After surrounding German army in Stalingrad in late 1942 in the liberated Golubinka in the same wooden house of family Voronin accommodated the headquarters of the 21st Soviet Army with Major-General Chistyakov.

The main sight of the village and its hallmark is the temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker which today is an architectural monument.

The highlights of tour to Cossack village stanitsa Golubinsky:

  • Don Heights with JS-2 tank memorial and mass grave of Soviet soldiers of 1st tank army here died during retreating defensive fightings in august 1942
  • Saint Nicholas cathedral near the hills where Paulus’s airplane took off when ran from village
  • Don Cossacks Memorial to 966 men who left Golubinskaya during WW2 and never came back home alive
  • The mass grave of Soviet soldiers in stanitsa Golubinskaya
  • The HQs of 6th Army - the house where lived Fridrich Paulus before encirclement (the wooden house of Voronin family in original)
  • The bridge over Don river and mass grave with memorial to the pilots of 8th Air Army

The tour to Cossack village Golubinskaya this day may perfectly combined with Tour to Kalach-on-Don – the city of military glory.


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