Tour by the lines of defence of 64th Army in Stalingrad. Interrogation of F. Paulus

Lysaya Gora Memorial - Beketovka train station - HQs of 64th Army and place of interrogation of Friedrich Paulus - German prisoners camp site №108 - German POWs cemetery-Stalingrad Power Station StalGRES etc.
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Duration 5 hours
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Tour by the lines of defence of 64th Army in Stalingrad. 

The tour by the lines of defence of 64th Army includes visit to the Beketovka town where located HQ’s of 64th Army and where General Field Marshall Friedrich Paulus was interrogated on 31st of January 1943 by commander Mikhail Shumilov which troops captured him earlier that day in the cellar of Stalingrad Univermag department store. 

We will also drive by the lines of defence of 64th Soviet army, visit to the Beketovka train station which was first time bombed in November 1941 by Luftwaffe air raid, will visit to the site of POWs camp No. 108 for German soldiers surrendered after capitulation and a site of German POWs cemetery in Beketovka. The tour also includes number of highlights memorials, war graves, memorial plaques and etc.

The highlights of tour by the lines of defence of 64th Army:

  • HQs of 64th Army – the place of interrogation of Friedrich Paulus on 31st of January 1943
  • Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Beketovka - the only one survived cathedral after the battle of Stalingrad
  • Beketovka Train Station – now preserved as a memorial
  • Beketovka POWs camp №108 site and site of German prisoners cemetery 
  • StalGRES Stalingrad Power Station 
  • The site of auxiliary control command post of 64th Army of Stalingrad Front in September 1942-January 1943 - here opens the great view to the city of Stalingrad and southern suburbs
  • The most southern T-34 Tank Turret memorial and Kuporosnaya Balka gully
  • Civil War Memorial - the place of massacre of 1500 defenders of Red Tsarytsyn shot by White Army soldiers in 1919
  • Lysaya Gora Height Memorial – here in 1942 the soldiers of 64th Army held fierce fightings with German-Fascist/Nazis invaders and didn’t let them reach Volga river


The tour to Beketovka this day may perfectly combined with Tour to Volga-Don Kanal and Krasnoarmeysk town – now one of the Southern districts of Volgograd.


The price includes:

  • transportation services (comfortable 4x4 air conditioned car);
  • skilled tour guide-interpreter (English speaking).

We also provide:

  • Russian visa support (for free if the tour already ordered);
  • Hotel reservations in Volgograd;
  • Transportation services (airport-hotel-airport, railway station-hotel, or delivery from or to nearby towns etc).

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