Yes, our company provides tourist invitations and hotel vouchers in Volgograd without preliminary reservations. To provide all necessary paperwork to obtain a visa we will need following information of all participants: Surname, all Names as in passport, date of birth, passport number (better scan of passport). For more details please contact us

Russian Visa Support in Volgograd

To get Russian visas you have to apply to Russian embassy by your own or with a help of local travel agency. Most of tourists do it by themselves. If you book the 2-day or longer Stalingrad Battlefield Tour with our company we send you the TOURIST invitation - CONFIRMATION, hotel VOUCHER and insurance for all stay in Russia. Then you have to apply to Russian embassy. We will also send you the addresses and phone numbers of the nearest embassies and consulates in your country. The cost of visa depends on how early you apply for Russian visa. Then earlier you apply - cheaper you get your visa. In different countries could be different prices. To provide all necessary paperwork to obtain a visa we will need following information of all participants: Surname, all Names as in passport, date of birth, passport number (better scan of passport).

What is a Russian visa?

Foreign nationals arriving to Russia, with some exceptions, must have a valid Russian visa. Visa to Russia can not be obtained at the border and issued by Russian embassy or consulate only.

A visa to the Russian Federation is a document permitting a stay in Russia for a specific period of time. Any Russian visa contains information about the period of its validity, entry and exit dates, your vital information, passport details, and other information necessary for official use.

Remember that Russian visa is an exit permit just like it is an entry permit: if you lose it or stay longer than your originally stated departure date, leaving Russia could be more troublesome than entering it.

Russian entry visas can be obtained at local Russian Embassy or Consulate, however official authorization (an invitation (Priglashenie), tourist voucher, confirmation, etc.) from either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (FMS), or an alternative specially authorized agency is required before you are able to apply for your visa.

Once all the documents are submitted the Russian Embassies or Consulates make the final decisions about issuing a Russian visa. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our company provides a professional services to obtain official authorization (visa invitation, tourist voucher and confirmation, company letter) of your person only and can`t affect on decisions of the Russian consulates.

All Russian visas must be registered with the local branch of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation within 7 business days upon arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation. The registration of the multi-entry visa may be provided for a period nor exceeding 3 months. For renewal of registration it is necessary to leave Russia and enter it again.

The violation of above terms causes serious penalties and possible detention.

Russian Tourist visa

Valid for not more than 30 days. The best option for short trips or for tourism purposes.

Type of tourist visa invitation:

Voucher and confirmation, issued by a duly authorized Russian hotel or tourist agency. Most Russian consulates accept scan or fax copy. In some cases Russian consulate require original documents.

Check visa processing time and other details on the website of the appropriate Russian consulate.

Tourists on board large cruise ships entering Russia through the ports Sochi, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Korsakov, Kaliningrad, Vyborg, St.Petersburg are able to stay in Russia without a visa during 72 hours. They have the right to leave the ship and come back on board the ship within organized tourist group only. In case a tourist wants to leave the ship alone or stay longer Russian visa is required.