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Nial Tilson. USA, 06.01.2016 00:00:00

My friend and I were traveling through Russia for the holidays and decided to stop in Volgograd for two days to check out some of the sites from the Battle of Stalingrad. We decided to book a tour through Stalingrad Tours and we are both really glad that we did! Mikhail was an extremely great tour guide, clear in his descriptions and stories, helpful with translating, speaks really great english, and was an overall excellent host. We both learned a lot from Mikhail and are really appreciative for all of the insight and knowledge he shared with us about the Battle of Stalingrad, Volgograd, and Russia/Russian culture.

Tim and Solomon Yapp (London), 20.02.2016 00:00:00

The tour of the battlefield sites, museums and monuments with was excellent. Mikhail is a mine of information about operation Barbarossa, the siege of Stalingrad, operation Uranus, and spoke passionately and intelligently about the battle. We thoroughly recommend it. Tim and Solomon

Franco Azzani, Italia, 08.06.2016 00:00:00

Lo scorso mese di Maggio siamo andati a Volgograd/Stalingrad ed a Serafimovich in visita ai luoghi dove nell'inverno 1942/43 i Sovietici difesero la loro terra, le loro case, le loro famiglie contro gli invasori nazisti di Hitler e fascisti di Mussolini. Durante questo viaggio siamo stati magistralmente assistiti e guidati da Mikhail, Natalia e Sergey dell'agenzia turistica "Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company". Noi desideriamo sentitamente ringraziare queste persone per l'organizzazione logistica, la professionalità e la disponibilità.

Wade from USA, 21.07.2016 00:00:00

As a World War Two history buff visiting Russia, I naturally wanted to visit Volgograd. Attempting such a visit on my own was daunting, since I never got a chance to learn the language... Mikhail at Stalingrad Battlefield Tours made it an experience I'll never forget. The comprehensive nature of the two-day tour I took made planning a breeze. He helped me with everything from finding my way around the city to suggesting places to eat. As we walked the streets of the city, the slopes of Mamayev Hill, and the memorials and cemeteries outside Volgograd itself, I learned more than I ever could have on my own or from a book. We even found artifacts from the battle. The stories he told were especially enlightening. Hearing tales of the trials and sacrifices of individual people - soldiers and civillians - humanized this titanic struggle, and underscored the tragedy and triumph that happened here. Seeing the cemetery at the top of Mamayev Hill, the memorial in the fields of Gorodische, were some of the most powerful experiences of my life... I recommend Stalingrad Battlefield Tours without reservation. Mikhail is friendly, professional, and well-spoken, and his passion for the battle, his city, and his country is apparent... My deepest thanks to him and his company for an incredible, moving adventure.

John Polowczyk, Pennsylvania, USA, 10.09.2016 00:00:00

My visit to Stalingrad was an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to Mikhail and his group. I have always been a history and WWII buff, but the tour delved deeper than I could have ever imagined. Mikhail arranged the schedule so we could witness the collection of soldiers' remains along with their reburial! If that is not the most sobering experience a WW2 enthusiast can have, then I don't know what is! The airfield tour and artifact hunting also made the whole battle come to life. For those enjoying more of a quiet laid-back experience not out in the elements, the museums, Mamayev Kurgan, and Volga River boat tour are relaxing and informative. Mikhail was also kind enough to spend his free-time taking us to the best local restaurants and beer halls as well as helping us hunt down specific souvenirs. I would definitely recommend using his tour group! I hope to return in a few years and use it again. August is the best time to book as this is when most of the burial ceremonies occur. -John Pennsylvania, USA

Liesel Gadd, Germany/South Africa, 14.10.2016 00:00:00

We visited Volgograd in June 2016. It was the highlight of our trip for my father, who has always wanted to go to Russia. My brother and I had the opportunity to accompany him, he is now 81. Mikhail was an excellent guide and without him we would've missed a lot about the city. He also took us to Rossoshka, where there is a German and Russian cemetery. We found 2 of my father's uncles' names on the memorial cubes, which meant a lot to my father. Definitely worth the money spent.

Wayne Schachtel. Canada/Australia/Germany, 17.10.2016 00:00:00

My family (7 siblings and 2 spouses) hired Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company to transport us to and from the airport in Volgograd and about 260km north to the village where our grandparents came from prior to emigrating to Canada. Sergei the driver and Katharine the translator/tour guide were excellent. We had an enjoyable and memorable trip. Catherine's knowledge of the Volga Germans and the area was good to help pass the time while driving. They were both very patient in allowing us total flexibility on how long we wanted to stay and where we went. It ended up a long day from 07:15 to 21:15 but well worth it. The only slight negative is that we were promised the same nice Mercedes van that we were transported in from the airport for the trip to Kamenka. The van we had for the trip was acceptable but it was older and not as comfortable. The next day we started again with a 3.5 hour tour of Volgograd before leaving for the airport. We heard an in depth history of the Battle of Stalingrad and seeing the city sites including the memorial at Mamayev Kurgan. My family had little knowledge of the Battle of Stalingrad and were moved by Catherine's stories and descriptions as well as seeing the various aspects of the war memorial. Sergei's driving and efforts were greatly appreciated. We were very pleased with our experience with Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company and Mikhail who organised everything. I would highly recommend them for a tour of Volgograd.

Charles Romeo. California, USA, 21.10.2016 00:00:00

I took the 3 day battlefield tour of Stalingrad (August 2016) with Volgograd Sputnik Travel with Mikhail. This covers all aspects of the battle over a 60 mile radius from the Volga to Kalach-on-Don. In addition, I spent two days at the Kuzmichi battlefield participating in the excavation and exhumation of Soviet soldiers who were killed during the battle. I also attended the reburial ceremony at the Rossoschka cemetery. This was a magnificent 8 days with a total emersion in the battlefield history. I must say, the two days at the Kuzmichi excavations with the volunteers from all over Russia was my favorite part. Mikhail was with me the whole time, even overnight at the camp. Mikhail arranged the timing so I could do all this in one trip. Thank you Sputnik Travel and a very special Spasibo to Mikhail for making my time in Volgograd the best battlefield tour on the planet.

Brad Golding. Australia, 21.10.2016 00:00:00

An Inspirational Awakening

Outstanding! Mikhail knows his stuff and communicates in a very clear manner. I learned so much from this tour and consider it worth every penny of the cost. The simple fact of being in places so crucial to world history was inspiring. My admiration and gratitude to the sacrifice of the Soviet Army reached new heights, as did my sorrow for all those who suffered and died in Stalingrad, including the German troops who were as much victims of the war as most soldiers are of any war. It was very touching to see the students standing guard at one of the many memorials, knowing that they understand the immense significance of their home city.

The tour was so good, if I ever get back to Volgograd I would probably repeat it. Thank you Mikhail, I consider my visit to Stalingrad a most significant and moving experience in my life!

Defining Moments. New Zealand, 28.10.2016 00:00:00

We were in Volgograd with a group of History Teachers - we had pre-arranged this tour before our arrival. The guide picked us up from the airport and off we went on our tour. He had great knowlegde on all we wanted to see and find out. He taught the History Teachers many news things and clarified lots. We visited awesome museums and great memorial sites. Our highlight was the Motherland Calls statue! Just stunning. We had an amazing time in Volgograd and our guide went over and above to ensure our time was perfect. He reffered us to amazing restaurants and great activities. I will hopefully be sending school groups your way soon! and I personally hope to be back one day!! Thanks again! Arden @ Defining Moments (Educational Travel Experiences for Students) New Zealand