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Knut Sandsmark & Alexander Ferner. Oslo-Norway, 10.02.2018 00:00:00

Amazing Experience!

Mikhail is an excellent and dedicated guide. An emotional and interesting tour of Stalingrad and the surroundings. Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company is absolutely value for Money, it is even recommended by the Russian Embassy in Oslo. Thanks for giving us the tour of Our lives!

Visited January 2018

Paul Kiernan, London-England, 06.02.2018 00:00:00

Third tour - all Excellent

My third tour with Mikhail - and each time I've seen something different and had a great experience. Mikhail is a great bloke and a terrific guide - if the advertised tours are not quite right for you he is very flexible and will put together a tour to your exact needs.

If you are going to visit Stalingrad (Volgograd) your will have a much better experience with an expert guide like Mikhail. This year I saw the Grain Elevator, the 75th Anniversary parade, more of the Red October, Barrikady and Factory districts, Beketovka and a trip to the (frozen) Volga-Don canal where it meets the Volga.

Great tour with a great guide - met some friends from an earlier tour for a beer and a meal with Mikhail on the last night - really enjoyable trip.

Visited February 2018

Kin Yeung Lee Gary, Hong Kong-China, 21.02.2018 00:00:00


当我读到斯大林格勒战役中一段:四十多名红军于谷仓(Stalingrad Grain Elevator),在弹尽粮绝下英勇抵抗德军步兵和坦克十次突击,我立刻很想进入这座建筑一探究竟。Stalingrad Tour 正好提供这个难得的机会! 我以电邮联系了Stalingrad Tour, 负责人Mikhail很详细回答我的疑问。然后到了Volgograd后,Mikhail 来到我的入住旅店接待我。Mikhail 十分熟识战役历史,驾车去谷仓的沿途他为我详细介绍城内各处的战争事迹,到了谷仓后为我展示弹孔,扭曲的铁栏等各处战斗痕迹。我们走过了谷仓的地道(这条用于运送谷物的地道最长可达到河边),谷仓地下,四楼和天台。各处可见残酷战斗留下的疤痕!Mikhail 的英语讲解流畅生动,是我见过的俄罗斯人中英文较好的! 参观后他还送了我一枚战役纪念币,然后送我去Fallen Fighters广场参观! 总体来说Stalingrad Tour 提供的服务十分周到,导游的知识丰富,是二战历史爱好者的不二之选。

Visited February 2018

Tuija Anttila. Finland, 06.03.2018 00:00:00

Kiertoajelu Stalingradin taistelukentillä

Mielenkiintoinen päiväretki harvoihin jäljellä oleviin paikkoihin, joita ei ole uudisrakennettu. Stalingradin tapahtumiin tutustuminen etukäteen auttaa saamaan enemmän irti kierroksesta. Pyynnöstä meille järjestyi myös mahdollisuus ostaa ''matkamuistoja''. Säänmukainen varustus on retkellä tärkeää. Retkiohjelma laaditaan tarvittaessa asiakkaan toiveiden mukaiseksi. Oppaamme puhui hyvin englantia ja oli erittäin avulias.

Visited February 2018

Werner Priller, Landshut-Germany, 24.03.2018 00:00:00

Eine unvergessliche Reise

Zum 70.Todestag meines bei Stalingrad gefallenen Onkels plante ich im Okt.2012 eine Reise nach Wolgograd. Zum Glück fand ich über eine Online-Recherche Mikhail Shuvarikov/Stalingrad Battlefield Tours. Der siebentägige Aufenthalt verging wie im Flug und Mikhail, genannt Mike, zeigte mir alle Sehenswürdigkeiten, und vieles, dass man ohne eine ortskundige Person nicht finden würde, wie z.B. den vermeintlichen Sterbeort meines Onkels, ca. 20 km außerhalb von Wolgograd, entlang den Bahngleisen. Oder einfach nur als Dolmetscher, wenn man von einer alten Dame angesprochen wird, die den Krieg miterlebt hat und trotzdem den Deutschen gegenüber nicht gram ist und einen zu Tränen rührt. Oder einem Tipps für das alltägliche gibt, wie Straßenbahnfahren und shoppen. Für die Fußball-WM 2018 wäre Mike wieder mein Guide.

Visited October 2012

Louise McMahon, Australia, 26.03.2018 00:00:00

My husband and I both have a passionate interest in military history. We therefore jumped at the chance to tour Volgograd for the 75th anniversary of The Battle of Stalingrad for our honeymoon in 2017. Mikhail’s detailed local and historical knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy made our tour one never to forget. Unbelievably, key sights offered no queues and were often deserted which made the experience even more personal as compared to the hustle and bustle of Western European sights. Mikhail demonstrated a true gift to narrate events in a way that put you in the footsteps of the defenders. So much was packed into the day and we had so much information to digest that we were exhausted by each evening. One week was not enough time to see all Mikhail and Volgograd have to offer. The Motherland Calls to us and we can’t wait to return to see more. Thank you Mikhail for the memories.

Visited September 2017

Miroslav Krempaský, Bratislava-Slovakia, 01.05.2018 00:00:00

Experience beyond all expectations

Places and stories, which I just read so far, I finally saw with my own eyes. For three days we walked / we drove at the Stalingrad area or sailed on the Volga. Mikhail, our guide, we all very detailed explanation and complement the stories that we did not know and probably never did not recognize. Volgograd is due to their tragic and heroic history of the city at the same time with probably the biggest amount of monuments and memorials per square meter. Without Mikhail we were lost and did not have a chance to recognize and respect all points of interest. Mikhail also introduced us to places that we would not find ourselves certainly. The whole trip was one great ride, full of history, emotion and humility before the tragic fate of the Soviet defenders, but also the German invaders. I recommend any fan of military history.

Visited April 2018

Bradley Wolf, Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania, USA, 02.05.2018 00:00:00

I enjoy military history and visiting Stalingrad was on my bucket list. I had business trip to Moscow and took a side trip to Volgograd. I highly recommend this group. They helped me with my visa and recommended the local Hampton by Hilton hotel before I left the US. The actual tour was fantastic, even though I have toured French battlefields on my own I would have missed so much if i hadn't connected with this group. We visited many important sites that weren't easily found. Mikhail was a student of history himself and while I thought I knew much about the battle I learned many new and interesting things. Having a guide with me was especially important when visiting the smaller local museums as explanations in English are otherwise not that common. I joined a group tour for one of my days, which allowed me to discuss what we were seeing with other very interested people.

On the trip I felt very safe at all times and found local restaurants with English menus for every meal. I found getting the Russian tourist visa a bit cumbersome but with Mikhail's help I had it in hand a few days before my departure. I loved the whole experience and encourage anyone contemplating a visit to do so.

Visited April 2018

Chris Kasrils, UK-London, 14.05.2018 00:00:00

Fantastic - a deeply moving and illuminating experience.

This was my second visit to Volgograd/Stalingrad and I had no hesitation in contacting Mikhail at Sputnik Travel as he had been a brilliant guide on my first trip in 2014. This time he took us further afield than the city itself. We visited outlying suburbs and then went deeper into the Russian countryside. The Battle of Stalingrad conjures up images of urban fighting. But in the early days there was relentless trench warfare in the approaches to the city. Mikhail took us to a camp where more than 100 volunteers were spending two weeks digging for the remains of fallen soldiers before giving them a respectful burial, and where possible identifying them in order to contact relatives. We received an incredibly warm welcome from the people at the camp and spent several hours there watching as they carefully unearthed artefacts and equipment that had lain undisturbed for 75 years. Mikhail has endless fascinating stories relating to the battle, many of which concern his own family members. I can’t recommend his services highly enough.

Visited May 2018

Craig Palmer, UK-London, 08.06.2018 00:00:00

Mikhail and his younger brother provided an excellent service from the moment that we arrived at Volgograd airport. The tour guide Catherine was a sheer delight to listen to with her exstensive knowledge of history of Volgograd/Stalingrad. I would recommend this tour to anyone who would wish to visit this famous WW2 City.

Visited June 2018