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Zoe Macartney. Australia, 05.07.2018 00:00:00

An amazing trip to the Eastern Front

We spent 3 days with Mikhail in Volgograd. He's passion for history is amazing, very comprehensive and his knowledge is really good. Mikhail was also really helpful with organizing our trip with our invitation to Russia and transport around Russia as we travelled independently. We then went on to Kursk and the company Mikhail organized to escort us were really good also very helpful in every way. My husband is a history fanatic and was so impressed with the whole trip Volgograd and Kursk, the most important thing for us was not only the knowledge and experience but how easy it was with Mikhail to organize this trip independently.

Visited May 2018

Clyde Kitt Rodkey, USA-Washington DC, District of Columbia, 08.07.2018 00:00:00

"Not a step back"- Sputnik delivered on The Battle for Stalingrad Tour

My wife and I had an absolutely phenomenal and very positive experience with Sputnik in Volgograd. In fact, I am glad Michael's company exists to provide such customized, insightful and enthusiastic service for one of the greatest battles of World War II.

We visited just prior to the start of the World Cup venue series in Volgograd. We've taken other personal tours before, and so can compare. Beforehand, Michael proposed a detailed program to help ensure we got what we were looking for.

Half way through our tour, Michael introduced himself. It was evident that he monitors client satisfaction before, during and after tours. He gave us a "Stalingrad" hat, which later highlighted a "What do you think of Volgograd?" interview by Russian television reporters (and sent to us after we returned to the US by Michael).

We visited battle sites within Volgograd as well as more remote ones to reflect most phases of the battle. It is important to work on details long in advance, to reflect your interests and knowledge base. In our case, I had done years of research beforehand and Sputnik brought this to life.

Our three days were organized and paced well. Our guide and driver easily adapted to our personalities and interests. Value-added: we visited a stable to explore riding options (and see an Akhal-Teke horse, a beautiful rare breed) something that wouldn't have happened without Sputnik.

Overall, we highly recommend working with Michael to maximize your Hero City experience.

Visited June 2018

Geoffrey Farthing & Andrew Buckle, UK-London-Guildford-Uckfield, 26.07.2018 00:00:00

An exceptional historical tour at Stalingrad and the events surrounding the city.

Mikhail and his team guided us through the Visa process and arranged accommodation and were flexibly adjusted our tour as we were a day late on arrival. Mikhail gave a fascinating tour of the battlefield sites and memorials in the city. We also took the optional tour to battlefields, airfield and memorials in the surrounding countryside. Mikhail's exceptional knowledge of the battle was a major bonus to the tour, we visited places and spoke to local people you find very difficult to access by yourself. All in all a very worthwhile tour and one we will never forget.

Excellent organisation, interesting tour. Mikhail has a passion and a great insight into the events that took place.

We had a three day tour of the city and surrounding area where the battle took place. With Mikhail and Sergi's comments regarding the meaning and reasons behind the great monuments we gained a better understanding of what the sculptures and monuments represent. Overall an excellent tour, well organised and executed, I would recommend anyone with an interest in the City and the events that took place to book a tour.

Visited July 2018

Edward Smith. UK-London, 13.08.2018 00:00:00

Excellent - A must do for anyone interested in WW2!

It was my first time in the country, so I paid for the day trip to Kalach-on-Don so that I'd get to see some of the 'Real Russia' as well as the areas where some of the fiercest fighting took place in 1942. As we drove west, my tour guide Mikhail provided a constant commentary of historical facts and details, all of which added to the experience. We went well off the beaten track to visit monuments that tourists would otherwise completely never get the chance to see, all of which were far from the city of Volgograd itself.

We swept across the Don and into Cossack country, pausing to visit the former HQ of Field Marshal von Paulus and on the Steppe, which was ideal tank country in 1942. We were here for only 15 minutes or so, but a brief foray into a field revealed 2 mortar rounds (1 German, 1 Russian) as well as what looked like a piece of armoured plating.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this (or any) tour with Sputnik travel. For the price, you're treated to a bespoke tour which takes in all of the details, all provided by local guides who know and can relate to the history of their city and their country better than anyone. If I return to Volgograd I'll be sure to choose another of the tours that they offer.

Visited July 2018

Dino Pegoraro, Italy-Biella, 04.09.2018 00:00:00


A truly impressive visit, as Italians (2), paradoxically relive that event by adults to try to understand the vastness of the front but above all the immensity of the deployment of military forces. Be with the eyes on the places where it was decided whether Hitler should have been the 3rd emperor of Europe or left to decide the fate of the subsequent events that to date are not known clearly except for written statements but not ascertained as Stalingrad, with the Teheran conference 11/28/1943, in fact the destiny of Europe was written and designed with the confirmation of the unification of the former USSR of all the nations of the East. A great experience to realize in understanding the true history of the future Europe from 1945 onwards, an immense revisitation of the most tragic and impressive terrestrial military event for the accumulation of troops involved that human sacrifice remained in the field of which today, continuously, is exhuming the remains scattered in the esplanade between the Don and the Volga. 

Visited June 2018

Brandon Strand, USA, 10.11.2018 00:00:00

3-day tour with airfield, HQs and excavation

This was my first trip to Russia, and my 9th trip overseas as a solo American; 34 year old male. Moscow and St. Petersburg gave me a great view of ancient Russian and modern Russia style, history, architecture etc. They were easy to navigate, explore and learn on my own using and the internet. Volgograd was a little intimidating at first. No English signs, not much data on, although with my tour guides helps Volgograd bridged ancient and modern Russia history. 

Mikhail was extremely knowledgeable, and well versed in the area. His English was good enough for us to sit and have deep discussions on various topics from modern to ancient. The 3 day tour started out as all tours on foot, gaining our bearings, through the heart of the city. Sights such as The Mill, the motherland calls, the eternal flame, a coupe museum, and a walk through the department store area. As the days drew on you were able to pull from the previous days to see a more complete picture of the entire maneuver from the German and the Russian side.

The second and third days we pushed out to the airfields and areas around the city itself. We talked about the fighting that lead up to and finally ended in room to room fights. I never realized the vast area of land that the Stalingrad battlefield covered. 
The crowning part of the trip was the excavation. I was able to help a large group of volunteers from all over Russia. With their knowledge of the area, metal detectors and deductive reasoning we were able to uncover many relics of war. From 250lb bombs, mortars, uniform pins, buttons, shrapnel, and even a couple German Soldiers as well as a Russian Soldier. 

After careful exhumation the remains are gathered and given a proper burial at the end. After our long day’s work we all gathered for food, drink and a swim in a watering hole. It was such an amazing experience. I being a former American Paratrooper made a great connection with two Russian Former soldiers as well. We reminisced about our vastly different yet similar experiences in Afghanistan over rounds and rounds of Vodka. 

I would highly recommend at least a 1 day tour with Mikhail. He will get you to places not on the map and all the hidden gems. I plan on going back with a couple of friends and continuing out excavations to bring the soliders home to rest.

Visited August 2018

Ted Kelly. Birmingham, United Kingdom, 26.09.2018 00:00:00

Exceptional Tour

This was right out of the top drawer. We did the 3 day Stalingrad battlefield tour which was amazing, I can honestly say the second day was the best I've ever spent on holiday. Mikhail's passion and knowledge were infectious, and in addition he was punctual and we utilized our time together to the full. Highly recommended.

Visited September 2018

Kevin Rumming. Bath, United Kingdom, 27.09.2018 00:00:00

The closest you can get to World War Two

As a group we have been to France, Germany, Poland, Belgium and now Stalingrad Russia. We have never felt so close to the actual events as we did when taking part on Mikhail's tour. As well as many memorials to the fallen soldiers and interesting museums, we stopped at the grain elevator, a large group of silos that was bravely defended by a small group of Russian soldiers. We had bullet and shell damaged houses, railings with bullet traces as they were in the battle. When travelling out across the steppe to Rossoshka war cemetery, foxholes were pointed out to us where soldiers had dug in to defend their positions. At the cemetery the loss of life really hits you with mass graves and thousands of names of the missing in battle. We were then introduced to a group tasked with the job of identifying newly found remains who had their own interesting collection of artefacts and showed us a recently found Russian soldier which now could be given a proper burial. We finished our two day tour with a boat trip on the Volga river to give a view the defenders had when crossing to meet the enemy, thanks to Mikhail and the drivers for a great time, we all enjoyed Russia

Visited September 2018

Gregory Thomas Wallick. Key Largo, Florida, USA, 21.10.2018 00:00:00

First Rate Tour

Just spent three days with Mikhail, Sergey, and Kate as they took us the history of the Battle of Stalingrad. I was corresponding with Mikhail over the last 3 months to set up an extensive tour of the battlefield.

They met us as we came out of the baggage claim area at noon and we went right into the tour. Mother Russia Calls. About 6:00pm they dropped us off at a river cruise. Next day started at 9:00am for a full day up north - Steel Factory, Barricado factory, and Tractor factory battle sites. Third day out to the west to Cossack Village. Mikhail has so much knowledge and so much passion for the history of the battle.

I consider myself well read and knowledgeable, but Mikhail showed me things and told me things that I never would have gotten from reading the histories. If you are a military history enthusiast and you can get to Volgograd you must take their tours. Excellent English, prompt, and flexible to your specific interests. I could not be more pleased. Btw the mid-level hotel was excellent.

Visited September 2018

Christopher Noel Wenzlau. Melbourne-Australia, 04.10.2018 00:00:00

Battle of Stalingrad tour

If you are interested in World War Two history a Battle of Stalingrad tour is a must. Volgograd is full of stories and memorials of the heroic Russian fight against the Germans.

Seventeen T 34 tank turrets mark the defence line through the city. "The Motherland Calls!" statue at Mamayev Kurgan is immense and unforgettable. The old mill ruin has been left untouched since the end of the war, next to the magnificent Panorama Museum. Rossoshka Memorial Cemetery will stay with you forever.

Mikhail took me to many memorials and locations that all had a poignant story to tell. I did the two day tour and highly recommend it. Mikhail also helped me out with my visa application, hotel and airport transfers. You could not get a better guide in Volgograd - Mikhail provided me with a truly memorable experience. He made organising my tour and travel from Australia an easy experience.

Visited September 2018